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Wonder how satisfied others are with Jetsue Ventures Ltd.?

We asked and this is what they had to say:

" Jetsue Ventures helped us with our health & safety program and our ISNetworld account. We found them to be courteous and professional. Our program was done well and completed in a timely manner."
-Art Jarvis, FloRite Environmental Systems Inc.

"Jetsue Ventures has provided us with a service that would be next to impossible for us to accomplish on our own. Larger companies can justify having a safety coordinator on staff to perform the many responsibilities required in today's demanding workplace. For a small company like ours where the owner is performing many if not all of the duties necessary to survive it is nearly impossible to give safety the attention that it must have. We were very pleased to have found a company as Jetsue Ventures to bring our safety program up to speed and assist us in meeting the requirements of an ever changing industry. When we are finished we will be ISN compliant and have our small business COR. For a small business this means that we can continue to work in a very competitive environment. Thank you Jetsue Ventures."
-Uppy Beets, Upbeet Contracting Ltd.

"Jetsue Ventures provided quality service in a timely manner, meeting company deadlines. Their professional services have been an asset to our company."
-Barry Shallow, Candoo Oilfield Services Inc.

"When I first set up ISN it was a nightmare. I contacted a few people and did not get anywhere. Then I heard of Janette. She took all my information and handled everything at a reasonable cost. To this day she handles all uploads and renewals for me. The quality of service is excellent."
-Rick Donofrio, Donofrio Enterprises Ltd.

"We initially hired another company who ensured a 100% ISN RAVS score. Regrettably that program was impossible to implement and did not meet COR / SECOR requirements. We then hired Jetsue Ventures and within weeks we had a program that worked for us that was fully compliant to the standards."
-Dan McCormick, McCormick Ventures

"The ISN process was made so simple when we involved Janette Taylor. We highly recommend Jetsue Ventures."
-Cam Wiebe, Anderson Water Services Ltd.

"It was a pleasure to have the knowledgeable and professional Janette Taylor of Jetsue Ventures to work with when developing our safety program."
-Terry Ganson, Jack Ganson Contracting

"Jetsue Ventures professionalism and knowledge greatly simplified the process of enhancing our health & safety program. It was a cost effective and gratifying experience that enabled us to pass our COR audit with very high marks."
-Richard Brown, Durango